Air-part package type requirements

1, carton. Should be able to withstand the same kind of packaged goods stacked 3 meters or 4 layers total weight.

2, wooden boxes. Thickness and structure for safe carriage of goods needs; containing valuables, delicate instrument, fragile items packed, there shall be no corrosion, moth, cracks and other defects.

3, baskets, baskets. Preparation of tight, neat, secure, continuous, not open up, dimensions 50x50x60 cm to a maximum, single gross weight of not more than 40 kilograms, Interior goods and cushioning material shall not leak. Should be able to withstand the total weight of similar goods stacked 3-storey.

4, drums. Metal thickness should be with the contents corresponds to the weight of the goods. Single gross weight 25-100 kg of small drums, use 0.6-1.0 mm Tin production, gross weight per piece in a large iron 101-180 kg, use 1.25-1.5 mm sheet iron production.



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