Collection and transportation conditions of the goods and collection procedures

i. collection and transportation conditions of
(1) General provisions

① according to the provisions of the relevant civil aviation airlines, delivery of the goods by the shipper to comply with the originating, transit and reach of national laws and regulations and all regulations on the transport of various airlines of the China Civil Aviation.

II where Chinese and international governments and airline provisions of the embargo and does not carry goods shall not be accepted.

③ the shipper must clear the originating customs, quarantine, immigration. CAAC airline suspended for "payment" (COD) operations.

④ packaging, weight and volume of the goods must conform to the conditions of air transport.

(2) value limits

per consignment (that is, each waybill) the declared value shall not be more than $ 100,000 or its equivalent (not the declared value, calculated according to gross US $ 20 per kg). Exceeded, should be delivered in batches (that is, two or more bills of lading) such goods should not be separated, must be approved by the airline concerned before the collection.

(3) payment request

① goods freight to be prepaid, or to pay, but should pay attention to: a. declared value fee and freight cargo, all must be prepaid or collected. B, other departure costs for transport, all must be prepaid or collected; should pay the expenses incurred in transit, but some costs, fixed costs as provided for in the Government and airport authorities some tax, such as predicate when you know, or prepaid; only to pay all other expenses incurred at destination.

② the shipper the following payment methods that are available to the carrier or his agent to pay the freight: cash (or the rules of the domestic check) Note: the agent shall not accept the shipper to use miscellaneous charge order (MCO) or prepaid ticket order (PTA) as a method of payment.

II. collection procedure

(1) the shipper at the time of the delivery of goods, you should complete the "international consignment of goods" and the provision of transport-related documents, fill shipper should check the book and provided with transport responsible for the correctness and completeness of the transport file.

(2) agent in the collection of international goods, should complete the following procedures:

① focus on checking


about delivery of the goods by the shipper are goods transported under certain conditions, paying particular attention to whether shipment is dangerous goods, or goods that may contain dangerous goods. As belonging to or containing dangerous goods, should the carrier and agent agreements and IATA dangerous goods regulations in the relevant regulations.

cargo destination

agents should be aware of the shipper the goods whether or not navigable sites, such as the destination when there is no Terminal, may recommend to the shipper the goods reach the station changed to a navigable site closest to the destination, but in the consignee column still has to fill in the destination of the goods.

the packing of the goods and bulk

Agent at the time of collection and transportation of goods, should check the dimensions of the packing of the goods and the goods. Packaging is not strong, simplistic, and loaded with the old logo, repackaging of the shipper should be required. In addition you should check whether the volume of the goods meet the requirements of load models, for connecting the goods, you should take into account the models used by the transit terminal.


inspection of goods customs formalities are complete.

② the four points are in line with the requirements, the shipper checked books, agents should focus checks on the consignment bar fill in:

name of goods (including volume and size)

checks whether the name in the title bar of the goods to fill in too broad, such as "fish" not generally fill in for "food". Should check whether the shipper filled out the size indicate the unit of measurement, for hazardous substances, they shall be required to give their private names and packaging level.

consignee's name and address bar,

agents should be aware of whether the consignee city name name city belonging to different countries, in the event of such circumstances, must be coupled with names to the United States should be added to the cargo state name. The bar may not appear "TO Order" the words, because the air waybill cannot be transferred.

shipper bar

check the shipper whether the signature of the shipper.

③ the goods weighing and measuring

agent of the goods should be weighed and measured in order to calculate the chargeable weight. As they fill in the weight of the goods by the shipper when inside a bar, the delegate must be reviewed.

II calculate the shipping costs

before calculating shipping, you must accurately determine rates, calculate shipping charges when you are finished, must be reviewed.

⑤ fill the air waybill

issuing bills of lading shall be governed by the existing "air cargo tariff manual" (TACT) rules part of waybill fill in fill in the sixth chapter.

⑥ Paste and tie hanging goods label, for goods requiring stickers affixed to goods shall be affixed/tying hanging.

sadly for goods, bills of lading and labels for three checks to avoid errors.

⑧ reserve tonnage: need to book cargo tonnage, should be completed in advance. For particular types of goods, transportation of goods requiring special care and should be arranged in advance.

Krispy Kreme filled in the handing over of the goods, and safely delivered to the carrier.

⑩ Sales daily, according to the airline requirements and deliver the freight.

three. other transport about file

according to goods of different type, and checked people should provides following about file:

a,, and into, and export transit customs by needed file;

b, and goods of content listing (as goods transport of luggage should provides content listing);

c, and checked dangerous goods, and animal proved;

d, and in international airlines Association 3 district and 1 district Zhijian (1ATA AREA3-1) checked specified commodity Shi, Commercial invoice must be provided.



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