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Pet shipping

Pet shipping

How to handle pet air
1. pet should take precedence over other general cargo by air.
2. shippers must first contact the tonnage control room, finalize the whole space.
3. pet-air connection should be avoided in General, relay.
4. pet packaging must comply with IATA live animals regulations and the relevant provisions of the Civil Aviation Administration, different airlines. Pet during transport required special care and attention shall be marked on the outer package.
5. shippers must provide the pet's health certificate, health and quarantine certificates, as well as import and export, transit and entry permits.
6. the shipper must fill out a pet written by air, if pets need special care must also be declared.
7. If the carriage of pets is a rare and endangered wildlife species, should also refer to the provisions of the Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora.
8. collection pets shipped in advance of flight departure time arrived two hours ago.
9. pet-air shall not handle freight to pay; pet feed required during transport, owned by the shipper, take care of animals needed special equipment, human and equipment required for loading and unloading pets, such as airlines are not available, shall be provided by the shipper.
10. pet packaging shall meet the following requirements: General closed containers may be used only for transport shipping pets, when using open transport from the high hurdles, must have special equipment to prevent pet walk. The size of the container cannot be more than the height and width of the door, at the same time to meet the ventilation, and welfare requirements for movement, vessels should be able to prevent pets from damaging, escape and hurt themselves. Ferocity pets cage costumes, plus iron and easy loading and unloading of the ring. Check seafood with water and live fish, containers to prevent moisture leakage and package cargo leakage has occurred should be rejected. Need special care the animal should be marked on the outer package care considerations.
11. collection and transportation personnel check for required documentation and packaged, filling out bills of lading, customs clearance formalities.

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