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Consignment notes
Consignment notes
A, and how handle aviation goods checked
1, and checked aviation goods should packaging intact, carry shipped people effective identity documents, is national control or embargo products also should carry related proved file (as is units shipping also should units issued proved)
2, and detailed fill in goods checked book
3, and on goods for security checks, and said heavy
4, and by effective single card, and documents to Shanghai Sawada goods transport agent limited sales handle checked (shipping) procedures;
5, and After shipping, please keep the waybill the shipper;
6, if the consignment goods, should also pay customs, business, health, animal and plant inspection, after compliance check procedures.
II, and how handle goods extraction
1, and consignee by goods extraction joint or arrival notification single carrying I ID or other effective ID pieces extraction goods (if by units charged should together issued stamped units seal of units introduction)
2, and consignee delegate others extraction goods Shi, should by freight single Shang of consignee and the was client of effective ID pieces extraction goods
3, and consignee should to I company specified of delivery at handle delivery procedures, and negative clear all meet costs < BR/>4, and consignee should in aviation freight single and goods extraction records Shang signed Hou extraction goods
5, and consignee extraction goods Shi, should surface inventory, found goods has lost, and short, and pollution, and damaged or delays arrived, situation, please Dang oriented aviation Express Freight about sector proposed objections
6, and if consignee extraction goods and in aviation express single or aviation freight single Shang signed and not proposed objections, is considered by transport contract provides goods has intact delivered. Three, notes
/>1, the consignment volume is not less than 5x10x 20cm, less than 80x80x 120cm, single weight does not exceed 80kg, (depending on the model) exceeds the above limit must be confirmed by our consent can be checked.
2, Sawada air cargo volume of more than 6000 cubic centimeters per kilogram, for bulky cargo. Light bubble goods to 6000 cubic centimeters equivalent 1 kg meter heavy
3, and goods packaging meet civil aviation aviation Freight about requirements
4, and precious items please truthfully declared, no statement value of goods as has lost by civil aviation about provides processing
5, and to you of goods in transport in the of security, please you participate in goods transport insurance
6, and volume big goods transport, please ahead of and I company contact and set class. Booking Tel: 021-62687289
SI, transporting live animals, shippers should go through what procedures?
1, live animals transport must comply with national regulations. Shipper shall provides county level (or more) on animal and plant quarantine Department proof of immunization and "animal quarantine certificates." Belonging to the State-protected animals, will provide the authorities proof of transportation; animal subject to market management, there is evidence of market management Department.
2, flights should be booked in advance by the shipper, date.
3, the shipper should complete the "certificate of live animal transport consignments."
4, need special care and feeding large quantities of live animals, the consignor shall send a convoy.
5 packing, live animals, necessary to facilitate loading and unloading but also animal character and air transport requirements, can prevent animal damage, escape and contact with the outside world to ensure ventilation, to prevent animals from suffocation. Bottom of the packaging should be taken to prevent waste overflow facilities.
6, shall be indicated on the packaging service and transportation considerations.
7, the shipper and consignee shall at our consignment and extraction of living animals, and is responsible for the custody of animals prior to shipment and arrival.
8, there are special requirements for live animal transportation, the shipper shall indicate to the Division I attention or guidance in the field operations.
v, because claims for loss or delay of goods, shall be claimed within what time?
1, and the air waybill the shipper or the consignee during the term of the following in writing to the proposed air express.
2, when picking up the goods are found significant loss or partial loss, the loss should be to airlines to issue visas on the spot, claimed in the goods received 3rd, such as participation in insurance upon application to the insurance company within 24 hours.
3, delays in transportation of goods from the date of disposition to the named consignee within 10th.
4, the consignee of the goods, from the date of issue of the air waybill within 30th.
5, expired by the customer itself, and our company does not assume any liability. VI consignments of valuables,, what should I pay attention?
1, valuables should be packed, tight container packaging, plus the "#"-shaped metal packaging, joints must have the seal logo.
2, shippers are valuables flights should be booked in advance, the date.
seven, "id" refers to what?
"id" refers to the shipper or consignee consignment or the goods must be presented by the competent Government Department provided documents to prove their identity, such as identity card, passport, military ID, soldiers, civilian military card, residence booklet, etc.
BA, inbound freight free custody time limit for how long?
General cargo, spontaneous delivery of dangerous goods the next day to play free custody 1st; valuables arrived the same day free storage; live animals, perishable goods, as well as other well chilled, frozen after the goods arrive to free storage for 6 hours. Delays in retrieving, airlines or freight companies charge a storage fee in accordance with the relevant provisions.
, valuables refers to what?
valuables including gold, Platinum, Iridium, rhodium, palladium and other precious metals and articles thereof; all kinds of precious stones, jade, diamonds, pearls, and their products; precious relics (including books, paintings, antiques, etc); cash, negotiable securities worth more than RMB 2,000 yuan per kilogram gross weight of goods.


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